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Who are we?

We are a group of senior and experienced educators responsible for the ‘professionalism’ elements of our training curricula. The UK Council DToP boasts members from all the UK Dental Schools as well as the institutions who train the rest of the dental team, therapists, hygienists and clinical technicians. We work from undergraduate to postgraduate education and into lifelong learning.

What do we do?

Founded in 2017 The Council is the home for the education of professionalism across dental education in undergraduate and postgraduate arenas. We share best practice in professionalism across the UK and help shape the clinicians of the future. We are available for consultation, resource development and as a sounding board for new innovations.

When do we meet?

We meet twice a year to discuss current issues, develop resources and ensure that excellence in professionalism has a voice.

Professionalism education

The education of ‘professionalism’ – covering everything that is not a technical skill – includes some of the most challenging areas to cover. As a UK Council, DToP hopes that we can support the continuing enhancement and development of this area of education. In the constantly changing, complex world in which we are delivering healthcare, clinicians need to have high level professional attributes to enable sustainability of themselves, and the care they provide. We will strive to ensure that education in this area is constantly supported and driven forward.

In addition to striving for excellence, DToP continue to develop meaningful strategies for identifying and managing underperforming students. Crossing boundaries and working with colleagues in other areas, we will enhance the processes and packages available to support colleagues who do not reach our minimally acceptable level.